Finance and Administrative Manager

At Project Soar, we believe that empowered girls lead to empowered women, able to lift up their families, their communities, and ultimately their nations. Project Soar is unique because it is an initiative dedicated to empowering teenage girls to become leaders of today and tomorrow, leaders who are activated, concerned, and powerful voices for inclusion and democracy. This position is for someone whose beliefs align with Project Soar’s mission, and someone who wants to further the cause of girl empowerment through helping the financial and administrative aspect of the PS team.

Job Profile:

The successful candidate needs to speak, read and write English. The candidate will work with the finance/accounting team to ensure accurate records of all financial transactions as well as disseminating appropriate information and reports to management. The Finance and administrative manager will work with all staff to maintain appropriate controls on spending and budget compliance and ensure that the procedures are in compliance with the Moroccan laws.

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