Manager of the Dakhla Learning Center

The Manager of the Dakhla Learning Center (DLC) is responsible for managing the DLC’s programs and activities and for ensuring the smooth functioning of the center. This includes supervising all local staff, managing operations and the facility in Dakhla, ensuring the successful implementation of all programming and associated activities, and interfacing with the Foundation Phosboucrâa on a regular basis. Amideast seeks a dynamic individual with management and technical skills across a range of areas who is willing to live in the town of Dakhla and support a small team to excel at providing high quality training programs to youth. Established in 2017, the Dakhla Learning Center is supported by the Phosboucrâa Foundation and managed by Amideast.

The DLC offers the local community a welcoming and dynamic environment dedicated to supporting youth and women in their economic and social integration through the enhancement of workforce and entrepreneurial skills and personal and professional development. The Manager of the DLC will also be responsible for coordinating program implementation and associated activities with the Director of the Laayoune Learning Center (LLC), which is a similar entity that Foundation Phosboucraa supports and that Amideast manages.

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