Consultant for the Script of promotional video scripts for SRH and HIV/AIDS for PLHIV

MENA Community, and as part of the GNP+  project,  offers people infected and affected by HIV a series of educational video capsules on different themes.

This approach will make it possible to convey key messages without offending sensitivities and especially in a more engaging style. For MENA Community, it is a question of producing educational and promotional video capsules  (plus interaction) to be broadcast on the various communication channels of MENA Plus and its partners and in Arabic.

It is in this context that these ToR are being developed.


In order to contribute to the promotion of inclusive, equitable and quality education for people living with HIV/AIDS and the most vulnerable populations, MENA Community is looking for aresultant.  or a resultant forwriting, designing  informative, entertaining and engaging scripts around HIV/AIDS infection and in the Arabic language.

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