Call for Consultants (Open University for Citizenship)

The Project “Open University for Citizenship” aims at empowering marginalized communities to increase their awareness and engagement on civic issues, thereby achieving more direct democracy. A diverse network of partners will engage in awareness campaigns, the training, the production of innovative tools, and the mentoring of advocacy initiatives of Moroccan citizens. These actions will target youth, women, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) specifically, as these populations are systematically excluded from civic life and face supplementary challenges. By acknowledging and supporting citizens’ active role in society, the Project will ultimately contribute to the reinforcement of Morocco’s institutions.

the Project aims at engaging in meaningful and inclusive actions that will directly affect the marginalized communities and indirectly provide the tools for any Moroccan citizen seeking to leave a mark in their society.


MIPA’s objective is to conduct eight “Civic Participation 101” workshops. The primary objective of these workshops is to increase awareness on key elements for civic engagement and active citizenship by four main components: Moroccan Constitution; Civic and political rights and laws concerning participatory processes; Policy Analysis and Policy Proposal; Leadership and Soft Skills. MIPA is looking for four reputable and qualified different consultants with a track record of success in designing training curriculum for the “Civic Participation 101” and delivering workshops for local communities including youth, women, PWDs within its project “Open University for Citizenship”.

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