Call for Consultants

Assessment Needs of Firms (including cooperatives) for Assistance


FSVC ( and LixCap ( are one of the implementing partners in Beni Mellal Khenifra Region Inclusive Socio-Economic Development BMK-ISED, USAID project (2020-2025). The project aims to support Beni Mellal-Khenifra (BMK) region in achieving its economic development priorities based on greater inclusion and active participation of women, youth, people with disabilities to promote accelerated and more equitable economic growth.

  •  Collaborate with key ecosystem players to effectively engage with BMK-based firms.
  •  Select and assess firms needs so that they can benefit from technical support to increase their financial resources, increase turnover of firms, and acquire much-needed competencies to manage their business optimally and boost the socio-economic development of BMK.


BMK-ISED partnered with key Business Support Organizations (BSOs) to help effectively, and sustainably, deploy its assistance to firms (including cooperatives). Based on the success of the pilot and engagement from partner BSOs, BMK-ISED will continue to collaborate with them to select and enroll firms into training and capacity-building activities in marketing, finance, and management.

To be eligible for BMK-ISED support, targeted firms must have completed at least one year of operations in the BMK region and have generated turnover (not necessarily be profitable but have already sold goods and/or services). BMK ISED will identify, select, and assess firms’ needs for assistance in their development.

BMK-ISED will seek to engage with 241 firms, the selection and assessment activity will be implemented in three rounds in FY2022. Each selection and assessment round will last approximately two months and will include 60 – 80 businesses. This approach will allow BMK-ISED to start deploying technical consultants at the end of each assessment round to support firms in improving their practices based on needs assessments.


  •  Bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or relevant field; advanced degree or MBA is preferred;
  •  A minimum of 10 years’ experience in private sector development;
  •  Extensive experience in advisory and support to Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs);
  •  Solid functional knowledge, including but not limited to strategy, business development, product development, project management, marketing, and sales, etc;
  •  Strong quantitative, analytical, and conceptual problem-solving skills combined with outstanding business acumen;
  •  Strong experience in project implementation;
  •  Proven experience as business consultant in similar missions;
  •  Experience in assessing businesses and cooperatives needs;
  •  Language proficiency in Arabic, and French; English and Berber is a plus;
  •  Ability to travel within Beni Mellal Khenifra region for meetings with business support organization and private sector;
  •  Certified management consultant is a plus.


The level of effort for the conduct of all the tasks is estimated at 45 days.


The interested expert(s) are kindly requested to send us their technical offer (methodological note, attestations of similar services and CV) and financial offer in (quotation) attached to the email address: by February 28, 2022.