Announcement: Internship Opportunity

Ink Association is pleased to offer an internship opportunity for a talented and enthusiastic individual to join our team as a part time « Community Manager ». We are looking for an individual who is passionate and highly interested in social media management and community engagement. This internship will provide a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in a creative and dynamic environment.


  1. Manage and create content for our social media platforms, including taking and posting pictures.
  2. Create engaging and visually appealing content by capturing inspiring photos and sharing them with our online community.
  3. Develop and implement social media strategies to increase brand visibility, engagement, and communication.
  4. Monitor and respond to comments, messages, and inquiries from our online community, promoting positive interaction and building relationships.
  5. Collaborate with the marketing team to develop and execute innovative social media campaigns.
  6. Stay updated on the latest social media trends, tools, and platforms, and provide recommendations to enhance our online presence.
  7. Analyze social media metrics and prepare comprehensive reports to evaluate the effectiveness of our social media efforts.
  8. Contribute to the growth and development of our online community through active participation and content management.


  • Strong passion for social media and community management.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in using social media platforms and tools.
  • Basic photography skills and an understanding of visual aesthetics.
  • Creative mindset and ability to think outside the box.
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Familiarity with analytics and reporting tools for tracking social media performance.

If you are eager to immerse yourself in the world of community management and gain practical experience in social media, we invite you to join our team. Please send your resume, relevant portfolio, or social media accounts you have worked in this form

The application deadline is : May 31st

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