Just Transition Green Bridge project call

The Moroccan Institutes for Policy Analysis calls all the CSOs working on environmental issues in Morocco to show their interest in joining Just Transition Green Bridge project by filling up this call of interest.

The Arab Reform Initiative (ARI), with its partners the Alternative Policy Solutions (at the American University of Cairo) and the Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis, have launched the Just Transition Green Bridge, a three-year project which aims to empower Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and locally led initiatives in the  Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) to participate meaningfully in shaping environmental policies, addressing long-standing inequalities, and playing a meaningful role in ensuring the emergence of equitable environmental policies that pave the way for a just and sustainable environmental transition in the region.

With funding from the European Commission, the project seeks to address challenges faced by CSOs and communities that are already feeling the impact of climate change and environmental degradation.

The Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis is a non-profit independent research institution based in Rabat, Morocco. Founded by a group of transdisciplinary researchers, MIPA’s mission is to produce systematic and in-depth analysis of relevant policy issues that lead to new and innovative ideas for solving some of the most pressing issues relating to democracy

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