Language and Cross-Culture Facilitator

Peace Corps Morocco is seeking fifteen (15) Language and Cross-Culture Facilitators (LCFs) who will be responsible for teaching communicative language skills and building cultural competence among Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) during an intensive training program. The LCF works closely with a small group of PCTs throughout the duration of PST conducting language and cross-culture classes within the Peace Corps competencybased curriculum framework, effectively using a variety of language training technique, methodologies and activities. The LCF is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of daily language classes, as well as the community assignments of the trainees. In addition to language and culture classes, the LCF supports PCTs in their homestay but facilitating communication and trouble-shooting problems with both PCTs and their Moroccan families. The LCF acts as a resource person and provides feedback in the evaluation of Trainees’ progress and performance towards meeting training competencies.

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