Senior Technical Advisor STEM

The anticipated USAID-funded five-year project is a systems-strengthening and capacity-building intervention that seeks to improve students’ ability to master key skills in the upper primary and middle school (“junior secondary”) grades and to facilitate the transition between the two levels of schooling. Activities will address:  a) the ability of teachers to teach critical thinking, and students to master, literacy skills, math skills, and science skills in the upper primary grades; b) the ability of the Moroccan education system to provide high-quality literacy instruction in English and Arabic in the middle school years; and c) the ability of the Moroccan education system to provide high-quality science instruction consistent with an integrated STEM approach (science, technology, engineering and math) instruction in the upper primary and middle school years. Additionally, the project will build subrecipients’ capacities to directly respond to the development problems prioritized by the USAID Mission in Morocco.

Position Description:

The Senior Technical Advisor, STEM works in close coordination with the Chief of Party and is responsible for managing the quality and timeliness of the curriculum revisions, piloting, and training in science education that is integrated into a broader STEM approach. S/he will liaise with technical partners, relevant national stakeholders, beneficiaries, and the donor, as needed.

The Senior Technical Advisor, STEM will provide technical direction to the assessment and revision of current science curricula, teaching and learning materials, and assessment in upper primary and middle school subjects consistent with a broader STEM approach. Working with the project team, the ministry, and other key stakeholders, s/he will be responsible for the piloting and finalization of the curricula and materials, ensuring that they are aligned with each other, with international standards and consistent with a STEM approach across related subject areas. S/he will oversee the quality of project activities and provide technical oversight/guidance. The Senior Technical Advisor will ensure that climate change topics are integrated into the curricula across subject areas, in collaboration with other team members, that approaches are learner-centered, gender-friendly, and inclusive of children with disabilities. Working with the team members responsible for capacity building and scaling, the Senior Technical Advisor, STEM will design and oversee revisions of science teacher training.

Senior Technical Advisor, STEM-Morocco Bridge to Middle School Project – 2022200753