Backup Healthcare Provider

The United States Peace Corps seeks a qualified physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner to serve as a backup healthcare provider (Peace Corps Medical Officer – PCMO), based in Rabat. A backup provider is a healthcare provider who offers temporary coverage of the health unit during the PCMO’s absence or when additional assistance is needed.

The backup provider shall provide direct patient care to U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers in Morocco, referrals to outside medical consultants or facilities, i.e. hospital or emergency department, and assist with administrative duties and health education when indicated. The backup provider will also function as a PCMO and perform any or all the PCMO duties a minimum of one weekend per month. At that time the backup provider shall be available around-the-clock by telephone or be present in the Health Unit. A physician back-up provider may also be required to provide consultative or prescriptive services to RN PCMOs.

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