Student Affairs Coordinator

IES Rabat is inviting applicants to apply for the job of Student Affairs Coordinator Effective September 1, 2023.


Position: Student Affairs Coordinator

Location of vacancy: 89 Avenue Moulay Ismail Hassan Rabat.

Salary Range: 15000 MAD/Mo Gross

Type of Position: Full Time Equivalent
Hours per week: 44 hrs
Work Schedule: M-F, 8:30am-6:00pm, with occasional duties on nights/weekends

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree with minimum of 3 years of work experience or Master’s Degree with 2 years of work experience.

Preferred Qualifications: Preferred candidates will have experience working in the higher education sector particularly with international students; international relations, public affairs, universities, language centers, exchange programs and others similar sectors.

Employee must have knowledge of program area.

Employee must be able to manage multiple tasks at once with constant interruptions.

Employee must have excellent customer service skills.

Employee must have strong organizational skills.

Employee must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Employee must possess excellent interpersonal skills.

Employee must be able to evaluate information analytically and verify that information is correct. Employee must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, faculty, staff partners, general public, & other constituent groups & be flexible in accommodating their needs.

Employee must possess knowledge of higher institutions management and policies and student affairs, disability, travel, and purchasing policies or demonstrate the capability to learn and adhere to all university and law school student affairs, disability, travel, and purchasing policies.

Employee must be able to maintain confidentiality.

Employee must have excellent English, French and Arabic language skills.

Job Description:

Student Affairs Coordinator


Orientation & Cultural Activities

  • In collaboration with the Center Director, plan and implement student orientation.
  • Coordinate and manage all student arrivals in collaboration with Center Director and other staff.
  • Revise the Rabat pre departure information and make necessary recommendations or modifications based on student, staff, and faculty feedback.
  • Revise and edit IES Rabat Guide and local maps.
  • Regularly update and enhance all information provided to assist students with living in Rabat, adjusting to culture shock, traveling in Morocco and Europe.
  • Collaborate with other members of the Center staff to organize cultural activities for students and participate in them whenever possible.
  • Take photographs at events and ensure they are sent to the Marketing team in Chicago and used creatively at the Center.
  • Use social media means of communication especially WhatsApp when needed to communicate especially during group arrivals, customized programs, and other occasions.
  • Promote cultural activities at the IES Center and at IES partner universities, including via social media and on notice boards at the Center.
  • Coordinate the CORE program and other inter-cultural competence initiatives.
  • Act as a cohort facilitator in the CORE program, facilitating and leading small group discussions on cultural adjustment and helping students to reflect on their experiences.


  • Locate student housing that meets IES Abroad requirements for health and safety.
  • Train new homestay hosts in IES Abroad policies and requirements so that they can provide appropriate support to students.
  • Place students in their housing, which may include working closely and carefully with homestay hosts to accommodate the needs of students with specific requirements.
  • In collaboration with the Center Director, send the housing placements to IES Chicago 2-4 weeks before students arrive.
  • Help resolve housing issues, including but not limited to roommate conflicts and disputes with hosts,and report these issues to the Center Director and the Dean of Students.
  • Complete the annual inspections of homestays and report results to the Center Director and the Dean of Students in Chicago.
  • Discuss with the Center Director changes which may need to be made to the homestay roster, e.g. adding or removing homestay hosts.  Decisions to continue or discontinue homestays must be made in concert with the Center Director.

Health and Safety

  • Be available after hours, on weekends and holidays to help manage emergencies that may occur and work with the Center Director to arrange for alternate cover in cases of illness, scheduled time away, etc.
  • Be the primary responder to student health and safety emergencies.
  • Log and maintain all health and safety incidents in the SITS database, as appropriate.
  • Accompany students to the hospital in cases of health emergency.
  • Assist students needing medical attention by referring them to local healthcare providers, including accompanying them to medical appointments should the students need this additional assistance.
  • Help orient students to health care professionals in Rabat, highlighting key differences between health care in Morocco and in the US.
  • In collaboration with the Center Director and the Dean of Students, comply with all IES policies and protocols related to the health and safety of students.
  • Maintain emergency contact information and provide emergency cards to students.
  • Support students with special needs, liaising with the Center Director and Dean of Students in Chicago as appropriate.
  • Take a leading role in the management of complex health-care insurance claims and related issues in consultation with the Center Director and Dean of Students Office.
  • Be trained in first aid and CPR.
  • Assist the Program Assistant in resolving sensitive issues that may arise in student internship placements.

Field trips

  • Manage the planning and execution of all field trips and field study trips in coordination with the Center Director and relevant staff and faculty.  This includes but is not limited to creating itineraries, arranging hotel accommodations, guides, tickets, etc., and, in rotation with other staff and/or faculty members, accompany students on these trips.
  • Manage communications regarding field trips and field study trips such that all student, faculty and staff participants are aware of everything they need to know about the trips, e.g. where to be and when, what to bring, rules for the trips, etc.
  • Research and propose feasible new field trips and creative cultural activities to the Center Director.

Communication & Training

  • Register students with local authorities as needed.
  • Be knowledgeable and current on all general IES information.
  • Participate in Student Affairs webinars and other trainings and share information learned during these with staff and faculty at the Center.
  • Assist in the training of new staff as needed.
  • Create new printed or electronic resources for fields trips, orientation, etc.
  • Send calendars, schedules, program itineraries to faculty and staff ahead of time, ensuring accuracy of the information contained therein.


  • Attend staff meetings and one-to-one meetings with Center Director, preparing updated task progress reports as needed for each.
  • Comply with Center policies (office hours, vacations, code of conduct etc.) as needed and report to Center Director any issues which might impede compliance with Center policies.
  • Respect the confidentiality of Center information related to every aspect of your work and with vendors.
  • Represent IES in the best possible fashion in terms of work ethics with students, faculty, vendors, and partners.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Center Director.


Interested candidates should email their Resume with an email to The IES Rabat Center Director Dr. Oussama El Addouli at before August 15. Pre selected candidates will be notified for a one on one interview and final selection results would be communicated afterwards.